What To Expect From Us

Integrity – It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching; and about courage, honesty, and respect in one’s daily interactions.  Whether you are a customer, supplier, or employee, we have a zero-tolerance policy on unethical behavior across our entire organization and businesses.

Transparency – Encourage direct and timely communications internally and externally to avoid any misinterpretation.  We inspire our associates to “Make It Ugly” when things do not go well. We expect our teams to be always fully transparent about their biggest pain points. This ensures we can get the right resources and priorities to focus on what to do next.

Be Intentional – We believe in being deliberate about everything we do. When our values, expectations and priorities are clear, decisions become easier for our associates and customers.

Small Business Agility – Our businesses operate independently which allows focused domain expertise and identityBusiness agility is achieved through improved internal systems and procedures, including a fluid culture and governance that allows for rapid responses.

Disciplined Cadence & Structure – HBD is a process focused organization that provides our businesses and teams with a disciplined business system and tools to drive execution and continuous improvement. Our Business System emphasizes leadership engagement, strong fundamentals, attention to details and repeatability.

Performance Driven – We set high expectations for our organization and associates. When passion inspires our associates to achieve top performance, it helps us to overcome any obstacles in achieving our goals. The key to long-term success is driving a performance-based culture with a strong focus on accountability.