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HBD / Thermoid, Inc. -- industrial and specialty hose, conveyor belting, ducting, v-belts, coated fabrics and rubber bands

Industrial and specialty hose, conveyor belting, ducting, v-belts, coated fabrics and rubber bands


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Carolina Rubber Rolls -- roll covering service

Roll covering service


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Intro to HBD/Thermoid (flyer; PDF)


HBD/Thermoid Capabilities Brochure (PDF)


Peerless Electric -- specialty AC motors up to 75 HP and DC electric motors up to 30 HP

Specialty AC & DC motors



Ohio Electric Motors -- DC motors, from fractional HP up to 7 HP

DC motors



Powertec Industrial Motors -- high-performance brushless DC motors up to 400 HP

High performance Brushless DC motors



Peerless-Winsmith Inc.Peerless-Winsmith Inc. -- the industry's broadest line of standard, modified and custom speed reducers

Standard, modified and custom speed reducers



Perfection Gear -- speed reducers for the aerial lift industry

Speed reducers for the aerial lift industry




Overview of HBD's Motors (PDF)


Electric Motors...Expertly Designed, Built to Perform and Last (PDF)


Ohio Electric Motors Brochure with Insert Sheets (PDF)


Peerless Electric Brochure (PDF)


Nuclear Motors (PDF)


Explosion Proof Motors (PDF)


Powertec Motors Brochure (PDF)


Powertec Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF)


Powertec 11x17 Brochure (PDF)


Powertec in Military Applications (PDF)


Winsmith Product Profile (PDF)


Perfection Gear Product Images (PDF)

Peerless Blowers -- centrifugal fans, industrial fans, plenum fans, plug-pak fans, propeller fans, radial blade blowers, ultra-pak belt drive, ultra-pak direct drive

Fans, blowers and air-moving equipment for commercial and industrial markets




Peerless Blowers Capabilities Brochure (PDF)


Centrifans (PDF)


Sample Commercial Applications:








Retail Facilities

Car Washes



Sample Industrial Applications:

Manufacturing Facilities

Vehicular Exhaust

Process Exhaust

Dust Collection

High-Temperature Exhaust

Clean Rooms

Power Plants

Nuclear Facilities


Industrial Drying

Textiles Processing


Ohio Magnetics, Inc. -- lifting magnets, controllers, generators, and battery backups

Lifting magnet systems



Stearns Magnetics -- magnetic separators and metal detectors

Magnetic separation equipment




Ohio Lifting Magnets (PDF)


Stearns Separators (PDF)


California Drop Forge -- closed die forgings for commercial aviation and medical equipment

Commercial aviation and medical equipment forgings



Precision Metal Products, Inc. -- closed die forgings for medical implants and aerospace/defense parts

Medical implant and aerospace/defense forgings




CDF & PMP Forging Brochure (PDF)


CDF Brochure (PDF)


PMP Brochure (PDF)


CDF Feature Article (Forge Magazine, July 2011) (PDF)


PMP Feature Article (Forge Magazine, November 2011) (PDF)

Hydro Carbide, Inc. -- tungsten carbide products, wear parts and rotary tools

Tungsten carbide products, wear parts and rotary tools


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Hydro Carbide Brochure (PDF)


HBD Industries, Inc. manufactures and supplies a broad and diverse line of general-purpose and application-engineered industrial products with an unbeatable formula for success:

  • Quality

  • Service

  • Value

  • Technological Leadership


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In addition, HBD continues to augment internal growth and customer service opportunities with acquisitions, strategic partnerships and joint ventures. For more information, please see our Acquisition and Growth Interests.


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